Our Commitment

What makes us different is what makes us unique. At Ampersand Solutions Group (AMPERSAND) we take pride in being and doing things differently. We believe in growth and value through continuous innovation and a multi-disciplinary, diversity-of-experience approach rooted in

  • Uncompromising Integrity
  • Subject Matter Expertise
  • Obsession with Employee, Community, and Customer Stakeholder Delight.

We believe our success is based on stakeholder satisfaction and we work to prove that every day and in every interaction.

Software & Systems

Enterprise Systems | Weapon Systems | Space Systems


IT/OT/SCADA Cyber | CEMA | Offensive & Defensive Operations

Electronic Warfare &
Threat Systems

Threat Systems | Weapon Systems | Space Systems

Trusted AI

AI and Counter-AI | Large Language Models | Assurance

“We specialize in doing the hard things. Mission and Stakeholder Obsession are simple concepts but extraordinarily difficult in execution.

Our team was built for the challenge ”

Chuck Speaks, President / CEO

Customers and Partners